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拥有者 [MCG] Kien Giang
口号 ★ We Are Family ★
vtc创建时间 2019-07-14 15:50:29
QQ群 1042180978
YY频道 1450030338
VTC人数 690
招聘 开启
支持 欧卡 美卡
类型 车队
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加入ETS2MCG车队只需要本体地图即可加入ETS2MCG车队 。严禁双车队,违约者将被踢除。




ETS2 Multiplayer Convoys Group

We Are Family

ETS2MCG - an international VTC and a second family for all drivers. You will not feel alone here (ETS2MCG) because we have trips, convoys every week, friendly and active members. They are always ready to help you when you need it.

Unlike other VTCs, we do not have strict activity rules. Instead of forcing members to take 2 to 3 trips in a week, but in fact, for us, this is the opposite, we do not force members to join how many trips or convoys per a week. As long as you have free time, you can join us. This will help our drivers reduce pressure while at ETS2MCG. We want our members to feel comfortable and happy to be in the ETS2MCG family. In this way, ETS2MCG has become a much more friendly and comfortable community than other teams.


✪ Friendly, active and fun community for all drivers.

✪ Doing trips and convoys every week.

✪ With strong staffs and friendly management.

✪ With 600+ drivers.

✪ Playing both ETS2 and ATS.

ETS2MCG is not only a simple team but also a big family for all drivers.




  1. Follow TruckersMP rules.
  2. Respect all other Drivers, inside and outside the Team.
  3. Respect our Staff.
  4. Display your TruckersMP Username as [MCG] Name.
  5. All members must join TruckersMP VTC page.
  6. Be active in the Team.
  7. You can not be a member of any other VTC while you are a member at ETS2MCG, otherwise, you will be punished.
  8. Leaking or disclosing any information that is only shared within the VTC members, you will be banned and blacklisted.
  9. If you are found to be backtalking about our company to damage our reputation, you will be punished for malicious intent.
  10. Disturbing or damaging other players either intentionally or repeatedly in the game is prohibited.
  11. Please do not use the TruckersMP report system to report members in VTC. If you want to report a member (reckless driving or doing other things that are harmful to VTC), please report him/her by using Modmail or Support System.
  12. Disobeying the VTC rules will result in warnings from the VTC.
  13. If, in total, more than 3 warnings have been issued against a user, the user will be banned.
  14. Members can appeal their warnings or bans issued according to rules above.
  15. If you wish to leave the VTC, please send a message via Modmail or Support System first. Leaving without stating any reason will be considered as VTC hopping and will result in a ban and blacklist.


  1. Follow TruckersMP rules.
  2. No cars (Only Convoy Control and Event Staff can use cars).
  3. Please listen to instructions from verified Convoy Control and Event Staff.
  4. Keep distance at least 70-100m from the truck in front and the truck behind you.
  5. Drive safely and speed appropriately.
  6. Please respect all players in the convoy/event.
  7. Respect all rules and instructions given during the event.
  8. The speed of the convoy is communicated by the leader of the convoy and must be observed.
  9. Follow others and keep a straight line at all times. (Stay in a line and don't rush.)
  10. Please park in our parking slot in the convoy/event, which is posted below each convoy/event article.
  11. Please take truck, trailer and skin like the detailed description. These details can be found on the Discord server.
  12. Please arrive at the starting point before 10 minutes.
  13. When arrived finishing point, please don't out. Wait for people to come and take photos.
  14. Beacons are only allowed while driving. However, please turn off the beacons when the trip/convoy stops, both in companies and in rest areas. Convoy Leader can use them when stopped if it's needed.
  15. Please follow Convoy Leader and Co-Convoy Leader, don't overtake them.
  16. Players with slower or unstable vehicles, including DBus World buses, TruckersMP alternating vehicles and trucks with double or triple trailers need to drive at the very back of the convoy.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask us on our Discord.


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img Before applying to our VTC, make sure to have a look at the requirements first: 1. You are at least 14 years old. 2. Your attitude towards others is positive and friendly. 3. You must not disturb or damage other players while driving. 4. Regularly join us in convoys/events. 5. Change your name on TruckersMP to: [MCG] Name when you join VTC. 6. Usually active in the team and Discord. 7. You must always abide by TruckersMP rules and drive in a responsible manner. 8. Make sure you don't have more than 3 bans on your TruckersMP's profile. 9. Be active in the team and our discord. 10. Respect for the rest of the members within the team.


After reading everything, you are still sure that your decision is to join the ETS2MCG Family, you can apply by clicking Apply Now on our VTC main page or here: