👑Position change of Flying Tiger Club👑

Fly Tiger TEAM -Zi Chen 2022年8月27日60

After constant training, several people in the promotion changed from truck drivers to managers. During this period, after senior management training, the internship finally turned positive. Along the way, it was not only their own efforts, but also the joint efforts of the whole Flying Tiger team. Congratulations on turning positive.

Executive business card

Fly Tiger TEAM -Zi Chen 2022年8月27日71

Executive business card, in order to determine that it is a flying tiger executive and a symbol of identity.

👑车队职务👑 YY250216 欢迎你的加入

Fly Tiger TEAM -XiaoChen 2022年8月2日92

En juillet, vtc n'a pas pu fonctionner pour une raison quelconque, maintenant nous sommes de retour et nous continuons l'activité. Nous avons fait des ajustements dans la gestion

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