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名称 Snail Transport
拥有者 [ST I 001] Su 2
口号 欧卡不倒,陪你到老。
vtc创建时间 2019-10-02 17:07:02
QQ群 545475401
YY频道 329907
VTC人数 88
招聘 开启
VTC验证 通过
支持 欧卡 美卡
类型 车队
状态 正常
浏览量 1110 次




蜗牛运输,简称ST 车队,成立于 2017 年 5 月 25 日,属于中国国内水平前五的车队,为中国车队联盟创始成员。车队的组建初衷是聚集一些喜欢模拟驾驶的朋友,为大家营造一个快乐、和谐、舒适的游戏环境。随着进一步的转型升级,车队由早期的 200 人缩减为满员 60 人的精英队伍。在成立的两年多时间里,我们始终坚持积极向上的游戏态度去影响身边的玩家,先后组织了各种各样的游戏活动,在 China TruckersCHN No.1-23 服务器上举办了 23 次大型联运活动,在 Constellations Plan - No.1-3 服务器上举办了 3 次大型国际联运活动,为每一位参加活动的队伍带来了愉快的游戏体验。我们致力于带动更多的中国车队去友好地体验欧洲卡车模拟 2 这款游戏,从而消除其他国家的玩家对中国玩家的误解。在这里我们也希望更多出色的热爱卡车模拟驾驶的朋友加入我们的队伍。


Snail Transport, or ST VTC as an abbreviation, one of the Chinese top-5 teams, also a founding member of the China Truckers Alliance, was founded on May 25th, 2017, with an original intention of gathering many friends who like driving simulation, to build an entertaining, harmonious and comfortable gaming environment for everyone. With the further transformation and upgrading, the scale of us was reduced from an earlier group of 200 members to current ranks of 60 elites maximum. In over 2 years since our foundation, we have been adhering to a positive attitude to influence the players around us all along, organizing a great variety of matches, activities, big events for 23 times successively on China TruckersCHN No.1-23 servers, big international events for 3 times successively on Constellations Plan - No.1-3 servers, and bringing enjoyable gaming experiences to every participant. We have been devoting ourselves to drive more Chinese VTCs to play and experience ETS2 kindly, to dispel the misunderstanding of Chinese players in foreigners’ eyes. Here, we would also like to hope that more outstanding drivers who love truck driving simulation could join us.

  1. 进车队先领取实习编号,并同步至 QQ 群、YY、Discord、TMP 插件昵称。
  2. 一周 7 天,周一至周五看实际情况上线,周末2天必须上一天。
  3. 有重大活动不能参加的,及时私聊车队管理请假,不接受临时请假,不接受群内请假。
  4. 加入车队,不管之前在哪里有什么样的职位,一律按实习队员开始。
  5. 加入车队,互相尊重,互相帮助,不得在车队内部吵架,不得在车队内部挑起争端,如对哪个成员或管理有意见,直接私聊队长。
  6. 联运听从指挥,不得超车,不得飙车。


  1. Claim your newcomer number, which should be a part of your QQ group nickname, YY nickname, Discord nickname, and TruckersMP username.
  2. Participate in our daily convoy activities according to your actual situations, but at least once every weekend.
  3. Ask for a leave by private messages in time if you cannot participate in a specific activity. We do not accept any requests on the point of starting the activity, or any requests sent into the public chat.
  4. You will be regarded as a newcomer after you join us regardless of your previous experience and positions.
  5. Respect and help each other. Do not quarrel or stir up disputes. PM the leader directly if you have objections or complaints to some member or manager.
  6. Obey the directions on convoy activities. Do not overtake other vehicles without permission. Do not race on the roads.

接待 QQ 群:545475401

YY 频道:329907

  • 年满 18 岁
  • 有清晰的麦克风
  • 听从指挥
  • 能很好的和其他兄弟相处


Reception QQ Group: 545475401

YY Channel: 329907

  • At least 18 years old
  • Clear microphone
  • Obey the directions
  • Get along with others well


群: 697675295