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名称 China Entertainment team-A.T.S VTC
拥有者 [A.T.S\001]-xiaoyuzi[CEO]
口号 这车队信仰要是~出去,他可就被动了。他的英雄事迹很快地~开了。
vtc创建时间 2020-05-21 04:31:05
QQ群 307888900
YY频道 368770
VTC人数 40
招聘 开启
VTC验证 未通过
支持 欧卡 美卡
类型 车队
状态 正常
浏览量 194


欢迎各位大家进入本车队。 本车队YY频道:368770 进群先把群名片改下 车队名字:中国AsT铂骏俱乐部 游戏名字:[00✘]-Xiao Long 游戏前缀:China*AsT-Team 群名字:[AsT]-某某 YY格式:AsT-Team☞某某[车队队员] 联机插件官网:



03:联运期间不允许超车。车速不得高于100km/h 04:小路任何情况下不许超车【丢包除外】







加入China A.S.T车队必须拥有正版游戏

YYID:92048589 QQ联机群:928105605、2群(实习群):871192075,加车队方式通过实习群进入总群(928105605)
VTC Information、车队VTC网站:
A.T.S VTC 欧洲卡车模拟2 V T C Team:招聘欧卡全套玩家/欧卡本体玩家,每晚8:30-10:30大型联机日常活动等你到来!




The original intention of ATS team is to gather some friends who like driving simulation to create a happy, harmonious and comfortable game environment for everyone. In more than two years since its establishment, we have always adhered to a positive attitude towards the game to influence the players around us. We have organized a variety of game activities, bringing a happy game experience to every participating team. We are committed to driving more Chinese teams to experience the game in a friendly way, so as to eliminate the misunderstanding of Chinese players from other countries. Welcome to join us! This is an online multiplayer game. If you want to join the team, go to the group to read the announcement, contact the reception, and modify your online name and steam avatar, you can join A.T.S. concert. There are different series of online activities every night. You can get a detailed understanding of the captain's situation and broadcast it live every day, ATS team welcome the old driver level, the new level can join! The final right of interpretation is A.ts international team


① To join the a.t.s international team is a team member. Everyone should get along in harmony and be united and friendly. ② To join the team, you must change the following items: QQ group name card: [a.t.s] | No. | XXX team YY channel: 92048589; ③: there should be no abusive actions such as abuse in the chat process or YY voice. ④ Regulations on combined transportation of motorcade: (1) the team will carry out intermodal transportation every evening, and the combined transportation time is 8:30 and departs at 10:30. (2) The intermodal file will start before 8:30 every day. All team members are not allowed to change the front, horsepower, route, etc. The combined transport files of the fleet should not be transmitted. (3) During the period of intermodal transportation, we must obey the command of management. (4) No overtaking is allowed during intermodal transportation. Overtaking is only allowed under the following circumstances: (1) if the front vehicle fails and has to be repaired at the maintenance station, the double flashing must be turned on and the fault shall be reported for record. (2) The delay of the car in front is too high. You have to move back. The above is a special case for overtaking temporarily, and the right of final interpretation is A.T s international team


Participate in the intermodal activities every night. If you don't have time to ask for leave, you can take part in the intermodal transportation with clear microphone. In addition, each member has a gathering activity at the end of the month to run unlimited DLC: ontology