2022 has come to an end, our team has gained a lot in this year, we have met more partners, many people have joined our family, and many people have left us. The short parting is just for a better encounter, and I believe we will meet in a better way in the future.

We have participated in many big events in 2022, as well as many meaningful events, we have held 4 events during the year, our team's first anniversary celebration, friendship event in March, friendship event in June, and our recent Eagle Maple Up Dawn event.

Our team will hold a public event to welcome the 2023 New Year on January 14th, and we have invited nearly 20 teams to participate in this event, wishing us a smooth work and family harmony in the new year.

Take a look back at this year's photos

There are many other photos that are not shown here, haha

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