Greetings all,

Im pleased to tell you that for better team development and long-term planning, ChenxiVTC will readjust the management team in April 2023. Now I would like to introduce our new management team and their roles.

Senior Staffs

  • Chief Execution Officer

    Maoge, the Chief Execution Officer CEO in charge of the VTC's comprehensive development in any kinds, is the one whose final approvals are required for important decisions focusing on some specific situations. He is the founder of our VTC, starting couple of players with same interests to truck together. It is his effort that achieves the greatness of Chenxi.

  • Chief Operation Officer

    Sange, the Chief Operation Officer COO in charge of general VTC managements and drafting event initiatives, has responsibilities to seek for sources and arrange overwhelmingly for every event to eliminate all the possible issues. He is our backup captain that brings VTC members extraordinary gaming experience and offers supports for players' problems.

  • Advisor

    Changmao, the Advisor MA, is in charge of all the stuffs that is accessible internationally. He will deliver all the valuable information from meetings, discussions and chats with them directly and only to CEO and COO, for VTC further plans.

Moreover, we still have many praiseworthy staffs distributed into the following departments:

  • Human Resources

    Dandan009, Senior HR &Recruiter, in charge of recording changes of members' positions and review of admitted applications - ##### Zhang 050, HR Staff, doing backup works for HR Manager.

  • Event Team

    yAGU045, Event Manager, in charge of all VTC event as both participant or the host, managing event schedule for VTC. - ##### NianChen043, Event Team, comes out with plans for Event Manager and offers moderation supports during events.

  • Convoy Control

    ShirushiCFO, CC Manager, in charge of CC(Convoy Control) and specific event arrangements.

    APeng044, CC Manager, in charge of CC(Convoy Control) and specific event arrangements.

  • Support Department

    APjy255, Support Manager, in charge of fixing technical issues and providing with relative supports to VTC drivers. - ##### baipiao245, Support, provides support to Support Manager.

  • Translation & Media Department

    SangeCOO, Translation & Media Team Manager, translates all English contents makes posts relative to VTC. - ##### TUTU433, Media Team, records the convoys submitted to Media Manager and moderate VTC internal social networks. - ##### Douzhi789123, Translator, help members to understand in-game English contents.

The Management Team shapes a cornerstone of our VTC. We hereby appreciate their contributions.

Chenxi VTC

April 18, 2023