Greetings ETS2 Community Truckers,

After a year and a half, we are proud to announce that our next public convoy will arrive on April 23rd. This time, we will depart from Stockholm and head to Oslo. Due to new changes made by Truckersmp regarding server rules, we have decided to meet everyone on Simulation 1 Server. The route and other relative information will be followed, and due to the new version of rule released, you're welcome to use truck of any kinds other than those kickable from servers. Please schedule your time in advance to ensure that you have time to join.

  • Time: 23 April, 20:30 GMT+8

  • Server: Simulation 1

  • Direction: Stockholm to Oslo

  • Route: See Below


时隔一年半,我们很荣幸将在4月23日举办一次活动。这次我们将从斯德哥尔摩出发前往奥斯陆。由于Truckersmp对于服务器规则做出的新改动,我们决定在Simulation 1服务器与大家见面。相关信息将会在下方显示,由于多人游戏规则,您可以更自由地搭配您的卡车,但是必须携带挂车。请提前预留时间,以确保可以出席活动。

  • 时间::2023年4月23日北京时间下午8点30分

  • 服务器:Simulation 1

  • 方向:斯德哥尔摩至奥斯陆

  • 路线:看下图



We wait your beautiful trucks in the convoy



Best Regards,

Chenxi VTC

1 April 2023