China FRT team long-term recruitment

Requirements: 1. Can speak Chinese 2. Meet 15 years old 3. Need to steam platform Euro Truck Simulator 2 genuine game and meet 2 hours 4. Need to comply with official truck driver MP rules and team rules and intermodal rules 5. Strong communication skills. Friendly 6. Microphone required and able to use YY speech 7. You must not exceed 3 bans in the past year 8. Follow the arrangement of senior management and management personnel 9. Do not hit others during the intermodal transportation. This will affect the normal running of the team 10. If you don't punch in the right left for a year after joining the team, you will be kicked out of the team 11. The team is not mandatory intermodal 12. Each and every one of you plus the team needs to be reviewed (verification is very simple) Everyone likes to play the Omega Join (Civilized Team)