Today, we meet in Mannheim, and we are going to the port of Calais. We will go north through the beautiful Luxembourg Lille. And Belgium finally arrived at the port of Calais in Germany. A total of 27 drivers participated in our activity and finally arrived at the destination perfectly. Take photos!


Activities we will participate in

  1. 鹰枫Ø曙光友谊联运(2022/12/16)
  2. 逍遥车队思念故乡联运(2022/12/17)
  3. 九州集团满月活动(2022/12/18)
  4. 途虎车队一周年庆典(2022/12/23)
  5. 图马斯特卡车节(2022/12/26)
  6. ACC车队新年活动(2022/12/30)
  7. 飞虎俱乐部回归活动(2022/12/31)
  8. 欧卡联盟第53次联运(2022/12/xx)
  9. 先锋运输庆元旦活动(2023/01/01)
  10. 征途俱乐部满月活动(2022/01/06)
  11. 倾城车队七周年庆典(2023/01/07)
  12. 鑫达车队友谊联运(2022/01/08)
  13. LK顶尖车队友谊联运(2023/01/09)
  14. 征途俱乐部满月活动(2023/01/11)
  15. 猛龙车队百天活动(2823/01/12)
  16. SKY车队两周年庆典(2023/01/14)
  17. RPG车队新年活动(2023/01/17)
  18. 空白生日活动联运(2023/02/18)



Team Shelby Transport