☹✉︎加车队要求✉︎☹ 1. 加入本车队必须拥有正版欧洲卡车模拟2,或美国卡车模拟,但是不限于地图的多少

2 车队联运时间为每天的七点半开始集合,八点准时发车,(参加对外联运七点集合,八点半发车),会根据秋冬夏令时的调整

  1. 车队注重和谐.联运过程中禁止互相辱骂和互相指责

  2. 联运请遵守交通规则.禁止在小道超车,禁止逆行,禁止长时间按喇叭

  3. 希望各群友积极参加群联运活动车队,不定时间发放福利,如果没时间上游戏,提前告知车队的管理

  4. 禁止打着车队的旗号在线上惹事,自由活动时请尊重他人

  5. 如果联运的时候有解不开的矛盾,可以找管理层进行调,管理层基本上都会在这里 ☹✉︎Plus fleet requirements︎ ✉!☹

  6. To join the team, you must have a genuine European truck simulation 2 or an American truck simulation, but not limited to the number of maps

2 The time for the combined transport of the motorcade is 7:30 every day, and the motorcade will depart at 8:00 on time. (The motorcade will gather at 7:00 and depart at 8:30 for the external combined transport), which will be adjusted according to the autumn, winter and summer time

  1. The motorcade shall pay attention to harmony. It is prohibited to abuse and blame each other during the combined transport

4 Please observe the traffic rules for combined transportation. It is forbidden to overtake on the lane, go against the road, and honk the horn for a long time

  1. We hope that all group friends can actively participate in the fleet of group intermodal transport activities and provide benefits at any time. If they do not have time to play games, they should inform the management of the fleet in advance

  2. It is forbidden to make troubles on the line under the banner of the team. Please respect others when you are free

  3. If there are contradictions that cannot be solved during the combined transportation, you can find the management for adjustment. The management is basically here