2022.08.14VTC注册成功(VTC registration was successful on August 14, 2022)

2022.08.28车队Discord注册成功(August 28, 2022 Team Discord registered successfully)

2022.08.19 A collection of pictures from the pre-establishment trial operation of China Tuhu Team and what China Tuhu has to say to the management—中国途虎车队成立前试运营图片锦集和中国途虎车对管理层要和大家说的话

2022.08.20 China Tuhu Team Recruitment Post——中国途虎车队招募贴

2022.08.21关于车队福利如下——About the team benefits as follows

2022.08.22中国途虎车队联运要求细则——China Tuhu Fleet Intermodal Requirements Details

2022.08.29中国途虎车队2022年第35周联运路线规划—China Tu Hu Team Intermodal Route Planning for the 35th Week in 2022

2022.08.319月中国途虎车队活动安排——Activities Arrangement of China Tuhu Team in September

2022.09.012022年9月1日中国途虎车队正式启用联运——On September 1, 2022, China Tuhu Fleet officially launched intermodal transportation

2022.09.09车队官网服务条款,隐私协议,GODP安全协议更新(September 09, 2022 Fleet official website terms of service, privacy agreement, GODP security agreement update)

2022.09.10车队官方网站上线(On September 10, 2022, the official website of the team will be launched)

2022.09.11车队官网全面大更新,新的车队官网上线(On September 11, 2022, the team's official website was fully updated, and the new team's official website was launched)

2022.09.12中国途虎车队人员变动——Change of members of China Tuhu team

2022.09.12中国途虎车队9月私人活动——Private event of China Tuhu team in September

2022.09.13车队黑名单——Team Blacklist

2022.09.14中国途虎车队9月联运路线汇总——Summary of 9 intermodal routes of China Tuhu Fleet

2022.09.182022年9月18日车队官网全面更新——On September 18, 2022, the official website of the team will be fully updated

2022.09.18中国途虎车队参加中国鹿途车队9月活动——China Tuhu Racing Team participated in China Lutu Racing Team's September event



2022.10.01中国途虎车队10月联运路线汇总—Summary of China Tu Hu Team intermodal routes in October

2022.10.01关于车队福利如下(1.2版本)——About the team benefits as follows(Version 1.2)


2022.10.02China Tu Hu Team attend the 3rd Anniversary of the China Set sail Team

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