China YH Team Recruitment Criteria for September

  • Recruitment requirements Age 18 or above We don't have any dic restrictions, but you must have the original game and be familiar with TMP's online rules Active and well qualified Be online once a week for the online campaign, if there is something wrong, please explain to the management Must have YY during the online campaign Can not talk but must listen to the command Now recruiting all kinds of players and their talents Management, whether you are a newbie or a veteran driver. We are looking for all kinds of players and their talents. Must be on YY to listen to the command of the joint transport when "no overtaking", "no through the model", "forbidden to change lanes at will to draw the dragon" and any other dangerous action (if there is a situation in advance to explain) YY voice:26463 QQ reception group:696457682

  • 招聘要求 18岁以上 我们没有任何dic限制,但你必须有原版游戏,并熟悉TMP的在线规则 积极主动,素质良好 每周在线一次,参加在线活动,如果有问题,请向管理层解释 在线活动期间必须有YY 不能说话,但必须听从指挥 现在招聘各类玩家及其人才 管理层,无论你是新手还是老司机。我们都在寻找各种类型的玩家和他们的人才。必须在YY上听从指挥,联运时 "不准超车"、"不准穿模"、"禁止随意变道画龙 "等任何危险动作(如果有情况提前说明)。

YY语音:26463 QQ接待群:696457682