1. 遵守团队规则,服从指挥

  2. 禁止使用辅助软件,避免造成不必要的麻烦

  3. 遵守TMP规则,避免账号被封禁

  4. 联运时禁止摸鱼,挂机

  5. 联运期间禁止使用自己的车,需使用车队存档,车队存档点车禁止私自改动联运车

  6. 禁止在车队内部拉人进入别的车队

  7. 禁止进入多个VTC

  8. 其他车队加入需要等待一周时间方可加入

  9. 加入车队提供加速器使用

  10. 禁止出现辱骂他人,败坏车队风气的行为

  11. 以下是车队联运规则

  12. 联运需上yy

  13. 听从统一指挥,多交流

  14. 联运过程中不捣乱,注意言行举止

  15. 如有捣乱第一次警告一次,第二次将被踢出车队,并拉人黑名单

  16. 如有发现一律严肃处理,发现闹事的,捣乱的一定要向高管报告不要私自解决,所有问题让高管解决



  1. Follow team rules and follow instructions

  2. Do not use auxiliary software to avoid unnecessary trouble

  3. Follow the TMP rules to avoid account banning

  4. Do not touch fish and hang up the plane during combined transportation

  5. It is forbidden to use your own car during the combined transportation, which shall be archived by the team. It is forbidden to modify the combined transportation car without permission

  6. It is forbidden to pull people inside a convoy into another convoy

  7. Multiple VTCS are prohibited

  8. Other teams have to wait one week before joining

  9. Join the fleet to provide accelerator use

  10. Abusive behavior that corrupts the ethos of the team is prohibited

  11. The following are the rules for combined fleet transport

  12. Through transportation requires yy

  13. Follow instructions and communicate

  14. Do not make trouble and pay attention to your manners during the combined transportation

  15. If you make trouble with the first warning, the second time will be kicked out of the convoy and blacklisted

  16. If there is any discovery, it will be dealt with seriously. If there is any trouble, it must be reported to the senior management

  17. Try to apply for red name verified before the end of January 2023

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