• 2022年11月26日参加沐风车队队长生日庆典活动

  • 路线:日内瓦 [城市]---加来 [港口]

  • 服务器:Leader Mufeng's birthday party

  • 参加人数:28人

  • 祝沐风车队越办越好,一路长红。同时也祝所有车队越办越好,一路长红。


  • On November 26, 2022, participated in the Mufeng Team leader's birthday celebration

  • Route: Geneva [city]- Calais [port]

  • Server: Leader Mufeng's birthday party

  • Number of participants: 28

  • Wish Mu wind team do better and better, all the way long red. I also wish all the teams a better and more successful journey.

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  • 感谢沐风车队邀请鼎盛国际参加活动,非常感谢