1.遵守团队规则,服从管理指挥 2.遵守TMP规则 3.禁止使用辅助软件 4.禁止出现双车队现象 5.联机账户出现5次以及5次以上的人员不得入队 6.联运时禁止出现画龙现象 7.禁止出现在车队内部进行拉人 如果发现立即拉黑 8.禁止有多个VTC历史 9.其他车队成员必须过一星期并且自愿才能来到ACC车队 10.联运期间禁止私自开自己的车 车队有存档使用 11.性格开朗沟通能力强 12.加入团队需要进入VTC=职训局 13.加车队入队就送加速器 以下是联运规则: 1.集合时必须使用联运档案,且换上指定车辆。 2.集合联运时先上YY到达指定频道再上线。 3.集合时要在发车前到达指定发车地点。 4.集合等待、终点停车时要将车辆按顺序依次停靠。 5.集合等待、终点停车时车辆要熄火回空挡。 6.集合等待、终点停车时要听管理指挥使用车辆灯光。 7.集合等待、终点停车时禁止使用喇叭。 8.联运时除头尾车外禁止使用自由麦,除队员特殊情况向管理卡麦示意时。其他时间保持安静,禁止聊天

English:China ACC Team Recruitment Plan in October

1.Abide by the team rules and obey the management command 2. Abide by TMP rules 3. It is forbidden to use hacker software 4. The phenomenon of "double teams" is prohibited 5. Those who have online accounts for 5 times or more are not allowed to join the team 7. It is forbidden to appear in the team to pull people. If it is found, it shall be pulled black immediately 8. Multiple VTC histories are prohibited 9. Other team members must wait a week and volunteer to come to ACC team 10. It is forbidden to drive your own car without permission during the combined transportation. The team has records for use 11. Cheerful personality and strong communication skills 12. To join the team, you need to enter VTC = Vocational Training Council The following are the fleet rules: 1. The combined transport file must be used when assembling, and the designated vehicle must be replaced. 2. During combined transportation, go to YY first and arrive at the designated channel before going online. 3. When assembling, arrive at the designated departure place before departure. 4. When waiting and stopping at the terminal, stop the vehicles in sequence. 5. The vehicle shall turn off and return to neutral when waiting and stopping at the end. 6. Listen to the management command and use vehicle lights when waiting and stopping at the terminal. 7. It is forbidden to use the horn when waiting and stopping at the destination. 8. It is forbidden to use the free microphone except for the front and rear vehicles during the combined transportation, except when the team members indicate to the management card microphone under special circumstances. Keep quiet in other times, no chatting