eldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerk GmbH is Europe's premier manufacturer of silos and liquid tankers. Founded in 1975, the company has since expanded its operations across Europe to become a leader in the trailer industry. Today, we are very excited to share with you that the Feldbinder Trailers DLC is now available for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Back in 2021, a team of our vehicle artists traveled to Germany to visit Feldbinder at two of their facilities located in Winsen and Lutherstadt Wittenberg. There, they gathered references and learnt lots of information about the types of trailers that are produced. Since then, our vehicle team has been hard at work bringing Feldbinder to life virtually in ETS2. One of the main driving forces behind the creation of this DLC is Leon Wosnitza from Feldbinder, a long-time fan of Euro Truck Simulator 2! Leon helped us a lot throughout the entirety of the DLCs creation. From organizing the plant visit to providing references and material to help our teams during its development. A massive thank you to Leon and the team at Feldbinder who made this project a reality!

The Feldbinder Trailers Pack DLC includes 4 trailer types, 4 series variations, a wide variety of trailer and chassis sizes, cabin accessories, and customization options.

Feldbinder EUT (Silo Trailer) with 6 body types & 3 chassis variations

Feldbinder KIP (Silo Trailer) with 6 body types & 2 chassis variations

Feldbinder TSA LM (Food Tanker) with 2 body types & 1 chassis variation

Feldbinder TSA ADR (Chemical Tanker) with 4 body types & 3 chassis variation

This pack also includes a much-requested fan favorite, a double trailer configuration! Also included in this DLC Pack are 5 trailer paint jobs which include the official Feldbinder logo for all trailer variants. With so many options and customizations, we are sure you will be exploring them all in the garage for quite a while! We are honored to have partnered up with this fantastic company, and we would like to thank all those involved in this exciting project.

Feldbinder have also sent us a package full of all sorts of branded goodies including coffee mugs, playing cards, tube scarves, lanyards and thermal mugs! We're excited to give you the opportunity to receive a bundle of these items for yourselves to have at home when you're trucking.

Simply tag us and share your first journey with Felbinder trailers in Euro Truck Simulator 2 with Feldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerk GmbH on their Facebook Profile or us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the hashtag

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eldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerk GmbH是欧洲主要的筒仓和液体罐车制造商。该公司成立于1975年,此后在欧洲各地扩展业务,成为拖车行业的领导者。今天,我们非常兴奋地与您分享Feldbinder拖车DLC现在可用于欧洲卡车模拟器2

早在2021,我们的一个汽车艺术家团队就前往德国,在位于Winsen和Lutherstadt Wittenberg的两家工厂参观Feldbinder。在那里,他们收集了参考资料,并了解了许多有关生产的拖车类型的信息。从那以后,我们的车辆团队一直在努力工作,让Feldbinder在ETS2中真正发挥作用。 这个DLC的主要驱动力之一是Feldbinder的Leon Wosnitza,他是欧洲卡车模拟器2的长期粉丝!莱昂在DLC的整个创建过程中帮助了我们很多。从组织工厂参观到提供参考资料和材料,以帮助我们的团队开发。非常感谢Leon和Feldbinder团队,他们让这个项目成为现实! Feldbinder拖车包DLC包括4种拖车类型、4个系列变型、各种拖车和底盘尺寸、座舱附件和定制选项。

Feldbinder EUT(筒仓拖车),具有6种车身类型和3种底盘变型

Feldbinder KIP(筒仓拖车),具有6种车身类型和2种底盘变型

Feldbinder TSA LM(食品罐车),具有2种车身类型和1种底盘变化

Feldbinder TSA ADR(化学品罐车),具有4种车身类型和3种底盘变化 该套装还包括备受粉丝喜爱的双拖车配置!DLC包中还包括5个拖车喷漆作业,其中包括所有拖车变体的官方Feldbinder标志。有了这么多的选项和定制,我们相信你会在车库里探索一段时间!我们很荣幸能与这家出色的公司合作,我们要感谢所有参与这一激动人心的项目的人。

Feldbinder也给我们送来了一包各式各样的名牌商品,包括咖啡杯、扑克牌、丝巾、挂绳和保温杯!我们很高兴能给您一个机会,让您在卡车运输时可以在家里收到一捆这些物品。 只需标记我们,并在其Facebook个人资料上与Feldbinder Spezialfahrzeugwerk GmbH分享您在欧洲卡车模拟器2中与Felbinder拖车的首次旅程,或使用标签在Twitter、Instagram和Facebook上与我们分享