The first one:你的名字 Your Name

故事发生的地点是在每千年回归一次的彗星造访过一个月之前,日本飞驒市的乡下小町糸守町。在这里女高中生三叶每天都过着忧郁的生活,而她烦恼的不光有担任町长的父亲所举行的选举运动,还有家传神社的古老习俗。在这个小小的町,周围都只是些爱瞎操心的老人。为此三叶对于大都市充满了憧憬。 然而某一天,自己做了一个变成男孩子的梦。这里有着陌生的房间、陌生的朋友。而眼前出现的则是东京的街道。三叶虽然感到困惑,但是能够来到朝思暮想的都市生活,让她觉得神清气爽。另一方面在东京生活的男高中生立花泷也做了个奇怪的梦,他在一个从未去过的深山小町中,变成了女高中生。两人就这样在梦中邂逅了彼此。

The story takes place a month before the comet that returns every thousand years visits, in the rural town of Hida City, Japan. Mitsuba, a female high school student, lives a melancholy life every day, and she worries not only about the election campaign held by her father, who is the mayor of the town, but also about the ancient customs of the family shrine. In this small town, there are just some old people who love to worry about it. For this reason, Mitsuba is full of longing for the metropolis. One day, however, I had a dream of becoming a boy. There are strange rooms, strange friends. In front of you are the streets of Tokyo. Although Mitsuba is confused, she feels refreshed when she can come to the city life that she dreams of in the twilight. Tachibana, a male high school student living in Tokyo, also had a strange dream when he became a female high school student in a deep mountain town he had never been to. In this way, the two met each other in their dreams.

The second one:PacificRim: Uprising


In 2035, with the advancement of science and technology, the mecha has been updated, with more advanced features and stronger combat effectiveness. But the alien "pioneers" are still eager to move on Earth, and when the wormhole under the sea is opened again, the evolved monsters are larger and wiser, they seem to be brewing more threatening conspiracies, and the Earth is once again in danger of being invaded by giant beasts. Faced with a shortage of mech pilots, Jack Pantkos (John Boyega) and Knight Lambert (Scott Eastwood), a former mech pilot, once again teamed up and had to risk leading the mech cadets who had never had real combat experience to resist and fight the monsters to defend the last hope of mankind

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