Snail Transport 开发者更新

Jan. 31st, 2023


This month, we continued maintaining our bot service.

Bot Service | 机器人服务

  • 修复更改活动跨月更改后活动日程公告板显示结果不正确的问题
  • 更新依赖,优化性能
  • 迁移 KaiHeiLa 引用与命名空间至 Kook

  • Fixed an issue that the event schedule displays events in incorrect order after an event time is modified across months

  • Updated dependencies and made more improvements on performances
  • Migrated name spaces from KaiHeiLa to Kook

Snail Transport 社区的机器人将会在未来持续维护更新,关注我们的 👍bot-update Discord 频道及 👍 机器人更新 KOOK 频道以获取机器人维护与更新通知!

Snail Transport Bot will get maintained and updated continuously in the future. Follow 👍bot-update Discord channel and 👍 机器人更新 KOOK channel to get notified!

文案/Copywriting: Ge Xiaohe

翻译/Translation: Ge Xiaohe