On the 19th, we participated in the 40th event of the China Team Alliance as planned.Located in the north-central part of the Swiss Confederation, Zurich is the largest city and the most important industrial and commercial city in Switzerland.Zurich is located in the north of the Alps, at the southwest end of Lake Zurich, at the mouth of the Limmat River and Lake Zurich. The coordinates of the city center are: 47 ° 22 ′ N, 8 ° 32 ′ E. The geographic center of the city is the Lindenhof Hill, a small hill on the west bank of the Limmat River, north of Lake Zurich. The border of the old town is the Schanzengraben canal, and the border of the new town is the town of Brugge. The urban area of Zurich is 91.9 square kilometers. Of this area, 4.1 square kilometers are occupied by Lake Zurich.This activity will start from this beautiful city and go to its destination.