Today we organized the team's private activities, due to work reasons, we do not have more people to participate.This time we still choose Scania, carrying more than 60 tons of locomotives from Geneva to France Brest.It is reported that in 1879, the German SIEMENS electric company developed the first electric locomotive, weighing about 954 kilograms, and only made a demonstration at a Berlin trade exhibition. In 1894, Germany successfully developed the first gasoline diesel locomotive. It was applied to railway transportation and created a new era of diesel locomotives. However, this kind of locomotive burns gasoline, which costs too much and is not easy to popularize. On October 27, 1903, the first practical electric locomotive developed by SIEMENS and General Electric Company was put into use. In 1924, Germany, the United States, France and other countries successfully developed diesel locomotives, which were widely used in the world. In 1941, Switzerland successfully developed a new type of oil turbine locomotive, which uses diesel as fuel. It has simple structure, small vibration and good operation performance, so it is widely used in industrial countries.