Today, we're going to take part in the no.38 event in China TruckersCHN Event.A total of about 50 people participated.We will pass through 1000 kilometers to Amsterdam port.There are all kinds of shore cranes, mobile cranes, grab cranes, high-speed gantry cranes, heavy tower cranes, container cranes, floating cranes, suction machines, screening machines and roll-on/roll-off facilities. The maximum lifting capacity of the high-speed gantry crane at the dry bulk terminal is up to 50 tons, and it is equipped with an automatic counting system; in addition, there are two sets of independent belt combined conveyors, using separate shore cranes, which can carry out operations such as barging and loading at the same time. The storage area of cocoa is 200000 square meters. The capacity of the yard is 3 million tons, and the loading from the yard is 2000 tons per hour.It can unload 7000 tons of phosphate fertilizer per day. The grain terminal can be used for ships with a maximum load of 100,000 tons, and the grain screening can discharge 800 tons per hour. The coal terminal can handle coal, coke, fine coke and coke powder, etc. It has a 16-ton floating crane and a 50-ton grab bridge, which can load and unload for ships, barges and trains. It has the best water, road and railway transportation lines, which can quickly and flexibly transport large and small batches of coal. The daily handling capacity can reach 40,000 tons per day. The container crane of the container terminal has a horizontal extension distance of 36 m.SPREADERS with a distance of 12 m can lift two 20-foot containers at the same time, and a 45-ton railway mobile container trolley with a swing span of 40 m, equipped with swing amplitude and adjustable tensioners, can serve three rails. The largest reliable oil tanker of the oil terminal is 100,000 tons, with a diameter of 152.4 × 203.2mm, and about 2000 tons of crude oil can be loaded and unloaded per hour.The establishment of the bonded warehouse in Hong Kong is to strive for foreign customers to choose the Netherlands as a distribution center exported to Europe, sub-and African countries.Commodity enters the area to exempt imported tax, stored in the warehouse can be simple packaging, sample exhibition test, can also be assembled.