Activity flow

Conduct regular intermodal activities to increase communication and interaction between strong members. * The route for this event is: Innsbruck - Ancona * The route of this event covers 1030km. * Servers for this event: S1 * Vehicle information for this event: Scania R730 * A total of 12 members participated in this event


进行常规的联运活动,增加强成员之间的交流互动。 * 这次活动的路线是:因斯布鲁克 ~ 安科纳 * 本次活动的路线覆盖1030km * 本次活动的服务器:S1 * 本次活动的车辆信息:斯堪尼亚 R730 * 共有12名成员参加了这次活动

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