Activity flow

The addition of new members has brought more energy to our team. This time we will be guiding the new members to familiarize themselves with the intermodal mode of transport in our fleet and also to test their driving skills. * The route for this event is: Duisburg to Prague * The route of this event covers 900 km. * Servers for this event: s1 server * Vehicle information for this event: Scania R730 * A total of 9 members participated in this event


新成员的加入给我们车队带来的更多的活力。 这次我们将带领新成员熟悉我们车队的联运方式,同时考研他们的驾驶技术。 * 这次活动的路线是:杜伊斯堡 ~ 布拉格 * 本次活动的路线覆盖900公里 * 本次活动的服务器:s1服务器 * 本次活动的车辆信息:斯堪尼亚 R730 * 共有9名成员参加了这次活动

Welcome to the ACG-SaKura team!