Are you want to Shepard Driver? If so, you can click the Our Website, Before you go here, keep in mind that we have requirements.

Information - * You must have an active TruckersMP Account. * You should participate in public Events or Convoys.

Requirements - * You have played ETS2 More than 50 hours. * You have 3 Active bans at most on TruckersMP Profile. * You most have been 1 month since your account was Created.

If you meet all of these requirements, you can apply to us. Answer all the questions asked here. And make sure you've entered our Discord. If so, we will contact you within 72 hours.


Have you been a driver before? Then you should not apply here nor on the site, you should create a ticket on our Discord Server with the Human Resources, If so, they will greet you again and start another Human Resources Meeting.