请照常执行安装过程,但是当安装程序要求您提供ETS2 / ATS目录时,请遵循以下步骤:

转到您的Steam库。 右键单击ETS2 / ATS。 选择“属性”,然后转到“本地文件”选项卡。 选择“浏览本地文件...”,将打开包含游戏文件的文件夹。 复制此文件夹的文件路径,并将其粘贴到“安装”窗口中。 完成安装,然后尝试再次启动TruckersMP。


Uncher and install again.

Please perform the installation process as usual, but when the installer requires that you provide ETS2 / ATS directory, please follow the steps below:

Go to your library of Steam. Right-click the ETS2 / ATS. Select "properties", then go to the local file TAB. Select "browse local files... ", will open the document containing the game folder. Copy this folder path to the file, and paste it into the "installation" window. Complete the installation, then try to start TruckersMP again.