对于美国卡车模拟器和欧洲卡车模拟器2来说,1.35更新的主要特点之一是增加了GPS语音导航功能,欢迎派对很棒!就在我们按下按钮几分钟后,几乎每个国家都有一个或多个版本的自己的语言支持语音转换功能。这要感谢社区充分利用了我们游戏的mod支持。是的,没错,在Steam Workshop(ETS2,ATS)上,你可以找到不同的GPS声音,从滑稽到严肃,由知名演员、喜剧演员、名人配音,当然还有我们自己的调音师。这是因为添加不同的语音包,甚至录制自己的声音包都非常简单!查看我们的modding wiki[]以了解如何操作!这就是说,尽管我们热爱社区制作的模型、附加组件和返工,但我们并没有急刹车!很快将有总共15种支持的语言;这意味着在未来的更新中,除了我们已经拥有的9种语言之外,您还将找到6种新的语言选项。这个小更新还将带来一些小的修正和更改,这主要是您的有用反馈的结果。谢谢你!


GPS Voice Navigation

One of the major features of the 1.35 update, for both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, was the addition of the GPS Voice Navigation functionality and the welcome party was great! It felt like only minutes after we pushed the button, that almost every nation had one or more versions of their own language supported for the voice-over feature. This is thanks to the community who took full advantage of our games' mod support.Yep, that's right, on Steam Workshop (ETS2, ATS) you can find different GPS voices, ranging from funny to serious, voiced by well-known actors, comedians, celebrities and of course our very own modders. That's because adding different voice packs or even recording your own is really easy! Check out our modding wiki[] to see how! said, as much as we love community-made mods, add-ons and reworks, we didn't slam on the brakes! There will soon be a total of 15 supported languages; this means that in the future update, you'll find 6 new language options in addition to the 9 that we already have. This mini-update will also bring some minor fixes and changes, which are mostly a result of your helpful feedback. Thank you for that!



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