我们很乐意与您分享我们在华盛顿的进展,随着地图的最后一步,我们现在准备确定一个日期……我们很高兴地宣布,美国卡车模拟器的华盛顿地图扩展将于2019年6月11日发布。我们希望这辆短拖车能让您稍微了解一下你很快就能亲身体验了。正如你自己看到的,华盛顿将有丰富的内容供司机探索。3800英里密布的公路网16个全新的城市(温哥华、龙威、阿伯丁、奥林匹亚、塔科马、西雅图、埃弗雷特、洛杉矶港、贝灵汉、奥马克、温纳奇、亚基马、肯尼威克、大库利、斯波坎、科尔维尔)20多座标志性桥梁10个原卡车头Keystone Port Townsend Ferry Spokane Swing Bridge Grand Coulee Dam Washington's标志性的山脉(圣海伦斯山和雷尼尔山)挑战了伐木悬崖公路的动态速度限制和LED标志新的独特货物:飞机引擎,猪背卡车,船…大型和现实的港口(西雅图,塔科马,埃弗雷特)许多独特的连接点独特的公司码头:游艇制造商,广阔的农场,材料仓库…华盛顿的具体成就解锁即将发布的这一地图扩展,你将看到新闻,评论,图像和视频出现在这个周末的在线。根据解除禁运的计划,媒体和SCS软件的可信朋友将能够公开展示他们在地图上的视频。此外,在6月6日星期四和8日星期六,我们将主办一个特别的华盛顿流(在我们的twitch[]和steam上),展示新地图扩展的游戏。以及参与制作华盛顿的特别嘉宾。他们将引导你通过这个新的状态,主持赠品,在聊天中与你交谈等等,所以请确保从周四下午4点到周六下午5点收听UTC!华盛顿相关帖子:公告、城市地标、预制建筑、伐木悬崖路、农业、景观、Kenworth Renton组装厂、Everett航空航天厂、圣海伦斯山、大桥、西雅图、Grand Coulee Dam Washington/


ATS Washington Release Date Announcement

We have loved sharing with you our progress on Washington, and with the final touches being made to the map, we are now ready to confirm a date...We are excited to announce that the Washington map expansion for American Truck Simulator will be released on the 11th of June, 2019.We hope that this short trailer will give you a small glimpse on what you will be able to experience for yourself very soon. as you can see for yourself, Washington will be rich in content for drivers to explore. 3,800 miles of dense road network 16 brand new cities (Vancouver, Longview, Aberdeen, Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle, Everett, Port Angeles, Bellingham, Omak, Wenatchee, Yakima, Kennewick, Grand Coulee, Spokane, Colville) More than 20 landmark bridges 10 original truckstops Keystone-Port Townsend Ferry Spokane swing bridge Grand Coulee dam Washington's iconic mountains (Mount St. Helens and Mt. Rainier) Challenging logging cliff road Dynamic speed limits and LED signs New unique cargoes: aircraft engines, piggy back trucks, boat... Large and realistic ports (Seattle, Tacoma, Everett) Many unique junctions Distinct company docks: yacht builders, vast farms, material storages... Washington-specific achievements to unlockWith the upcoming release of this map expansion, you will see news, reviews, images, and videos appearing online this coming weekend. With a plan to lift the embargo, the media as well as trusted friends of SCS Software will be able to openly start showing their footage from the map.Additionally, on Thursday the 6th and Saturday the 8th of June we will be hosting a special Washington stream (on both our Twitch[] and Steam) featuring gameplay of the new map expansion and special guests who were involved in the making of Washington. They will be guiding you through this new state, hosting giveaways, talking with you in the chats and much more, so make sure to tune in from 4pm UTC on Thursday and 5pm UTC on Saturday!Related Washington posts: announcement, urban landmarks, prefab building, logging cliff road, farming, landscapes, Kenworth Renton assembly plant, Everett aerospace factory, Mount St. Helens, bridges, Seattle, Grand Coulee Dam



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