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因为1.34版的美国卡车模拟器更像是一个维护更新,我们理解你们都是多么渴望1.35版的开放测试版-最终在这里!从哪里开始?这个更新比它的任何前辈都要大——当我们说“更大”的时候,我们的意思是很多!我们的游戏几乎每个部分都有变化,所以我们开始吧![][]美国卡车模拟器将接收两条新的道路,OR-58和CA-299。OR-140也将以其长度的最后一段为特征。亚利桑那州的标志系统也随着交通信号灯(稍后开放测试版的版本)的改进而得到了改进,这些信号灯已经在所有当前的州重新工作过了。【】【】【】【】除了在变更日志中列出的各种新拖车(所有类型的B-doubles,chip van拖车,包含ER拖车等)和新的货物、车辆在我们的游戏中也得到了一些新的特点。这包括三个挡风玻璃雨刮器设置,它将帮助驾驶员处理改进的雨水,一个拥有拖车的附件浏览器,可扩展的集装箱拖车和一个复制功能为您的卡车和拖车配置-这将在方便,因为您的公司继续增长。从新的一般添加列表,一些长期的愿望S占据第一位。其中之一是一个要求很高的选择,使用您自己的拖车对外合同(世界卡车[world of]工作)。从现在开始,你可以!DX11实验支持。这听起来是完全一样的-大部分的工作在DX11支持已经完成,所以它的大部分方面在我们的游戏中都很好地工作,并且来自实验测试版的反馈保证了fps的良好增长。不过-它还没有达到最终状态,所以使用它只会有你自己的风险。尽管我们会感谢您的反馈,但现在有一些“小”的补充,主要是基于您的建议。增加了大量新的可雇佣司机,因此随着你的货运帝国的发展,你可以比以前扩大更多。为了帮助实现这一增长,我们还增加了一个在线购买车库的选项(不需要事先发现城市)。[][][][]另一个有用的功能是紧急加油,这将是那些喜欢在边缘驾驶的人的一个重要选择(为什么这样做)你们中的许多人喜欢带着空罐去吗?)为了让你的旅行更加多样化和有趣,现在你会看到斯塔的流量翻了一番。那些帮助我们进入实验测试版的玩家已经报告了它没有严重的问题,所以我们希望你也不会有问题。为了结束这个列表,有许多新的输入改进和对外部外围设备的官方支持。所以请享受所有新的添加,但请记住:它只是一个开放的测试版,而不是一个稳定的公共版本-所以你可能会遇到错误、不稳定、扭结或崩溃。如果你想等待最终版本,那就完全没问题了。但是,如果您有兴趣帮助我们更快地到达那里,我们将感谢您在我们的论坛[]上的所有反馈以及您在本节[]中的bug报告。如果您希望参加开放测试版,您可以在Steam的公共测试版分支机构找到此版本。访问它的方法如下:steam client→library→右键单击American Truck Simulator→properties→betas tab→public_beta→1.35 public beta。不需要密码。更改日志:mapnew roads:or-58(俄勒冈DLC)、CA-299和其他路段或-140+亚利桑那标志改善交通灯改善(所有州)车辆自有集装箱拖车常规自有拖车附件浏览器拖车运行时调整(可扩展拖车、滑动式拖车)复制卡车/拖车配置整个车队雨刮器设置改进可扩展B-双拖车(A所有类型)可拥有的芯片货车拖车中置式卡车运输(kw t680)可用于外部合同(wotr)在线车库采购加油服务输入改进(蒸汽控制器支持,tobii eye trAcker支持,控制器热插拔支持,Linux上更好的FF) Razer RGB支持(彩色灯)新选项:卡车稳定性、悬架、双本地化名称(map)很多雇用新司机在交通方面加倍体验DX11支持(仅配置,R_设备“DX11”)mod alertmoded trucks支持(游戏功能)cog从拖车def移动到拖车底盘(更容易编辑)雨刷延迟+速度格式删除默认拖车支撑器声音(现在为空默认)货物模型随机化(例如集装箱)时区区域(introduced in 1.34)传输模式名称提醒器:我们现在正在开发人员页面上进行流式传输!


ATS Update 1.35 Open Beta

Since version 1.34 for American Truck Simulator was more of a maintenance update, we understand how eager you all are for the 1.35 Open Beta - which is finally here!Where to start? This update is yet again larger than any of its predecessors - and when we say "larger", we mean a LOT! There are changes in almost every part of our game, so let's get on it![][]American Truck Simulator will receive two new roads, OR-58 and CA-299. OR-140 will also feature the final segment of its length. The Arizona sign system has also been improved along with Traffic lights (coming in later builds of the Open Beta) which have been re-worked for all current states.[][][][]Besides the various new trailers listed in the change-log (B-doubles of all types, chip van trailers, container trailers, etc) and new cargoes, vehicles in our game also received some new features. This includes three windscreen wiper settings which will help drivers handle the improved rain, an accessory browser for owned trailers, expandable container trailers and a copy function for your truck and trailer configuration - which will come in handy, as your company continues to grow.From the list of new general additions, some longtime wishes take first spots. One of those is a highly demanded option to use your own trailers for external contracts (World of Trucks[] jobs). From now on, you can!DX11 experimental support. It's exactly as it sounds - most of the work on DX11 support is done, so the majority of its aspects are working quite well in our games and feedback from Experimental Beta promises a nice increase of FPS.  Still - it's not in its final state, so use it only at your own risk. Although we'll be grateful for your feedback.Now comes a number of "smaller" additions, based mostly on your suggestions. A large amount of new hireable drivers have been added, so as your trucking empire grows you can expand much more than previously. To help with that growth, we've also added an option to purchase garages online (without the need of having to discover the city previously).[][][][]Another helpful feature is emergency refuelling, which will be an important option for those loving to drive on the edge (why do so many of you like to go with empty tanks?). And to make your travels a little bit more diverse and interesting, you'll now see STAA doubles in traffic.[][]Considering all these changes, the UI had to change drastically. Players who helped us by entering the Experimental Beta have reported no serious issues with it, so we hope you'll have no problems as well. And to close the list, there're many new input improvements and official support for external peripheries.So enjoy all the new additions, but please remember: It's only an open beta, not a stable public version - so you may encounter bugs, instability, kinks or crashes. It's completely okay if you want to wait for the final release. But if you're interested in helping us to move there faster, we'll appreciate all of your feedback on our forum[] and your bug reports in this section[].If you wish to participate in the open beta, you can find this version in the public_beta branch on Steam. The way to access it is as follows: Steam client → LIBRARY → right click on American Truck Simulator → Properties → Betas tab → public_beta → 1.35 public beta. No password required.Changelog:MAPNew roads: OR-58 (Oregon DLC), CA-299 and another segment of OR-140 + Arizona signs improvement lights improvement (all states) container trailers owned trailer accessory browserTrailer run-time adjustment (extendable trailers, sliding tandems)Copy truck/trailer configuration across the fleetWiper setting improvementsOwnable B-double trailers (all types)Ownable chip van trailersSaddle-mounted truck transport (KW T680) boat trailerFEATURESOwned trailers usable in External contracts (WoTR)Online garage purchaseRefuelling serviceInput improvement (Steam controller support, Tobii eye tracker support, controller hotplug support, better FF on Linux) RGB support (colour lights) options: truck stability, suspension, dual localization names (map)Lots of new drivers to hireSTAA doubles in trafficExperimental DX11 support (config only, r_device "dx11")MOD ALERTModded trucks support (in-game function)COG moved from trailer def to trailer chassis (easier edit)Wipers delay+speed formatRemoved default trailer bracers sound (now empty default)Cargo model randomized (eg container)Timezone areas (introduced in 1.34)Transmission mode namesReminder: We are streaming right now on our developer page!



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