Kenworth Renton装配厂


华盛顿州拥有数百家大型知名企业,其中一家因其与我们游戏的关联而脱颖而出——位于华盛顿州伦顿市的肯沃思卡车厂。他们从1993年开始在工厂生产卡车。由于每天都有大量的新车从装配线上推出,它增加了一个全新的沉浸度,将这样一个标志性的卡车制造设施纳入我们即将进行的美国卡车模拟器的地图扩展中。【】【】在Kenworth的帮助下,由于他们的合作,我们能够复制装配厂的重要部件。从收货区,到仓库和生产大厅,最后到行政区,他们都聚集在一起,形成了我们两个卡车模拟人生中最大的仓库之一,增强了每一个小细节,以尽可能精确![][]我们迫不及待地想让您访问这个地区并告诉我们您的想法。我们很高兴能让您体验到卡车工厂本身,以及您在这里(除了更常规的货物外)会发现的新货物——鞍式卡车运输,也称为背驮运输。但现在,这里有一批新的照片-看起来不错,不是吗?[][][][] Washington/


Kenworth Renton Assembly Plant

Washington state is home to hundreds of large and well-known industries, amongst which one stands out due to its connection to our game - Kenworth's Truck Plant located in the city of Renton, WA. They have been making trucks in the factory since 1993. With numerous new vehicles rolling off the assembly line each day, it adds a whole new level of immersion to include such an iconic truck-manufacturing facility into our upcoming map expansion for American Truck Simulator.[][]With courtesy of Kenworth and thanks to their cooperation, we were able to replicate the important parts of the assembly plant. From the goods-receiving section, through to the storage and production halls, and finally to the administrative area - they all come together to form one of the largest depots in both of our truck sims, enhanced with every little detail to be as accurate as possible![][]We can't wait for you to visit this area and tell us your thoughts. We're excited to have you experience both the truck plant itself and also the new cargo you'll find here (aside from the more regular loads) - a Saddle-mounted truck transport, also known as a Piggyback transport. But for now, here's a fresh batch of pictures - looks great, doesn't it?[][][][]



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