ETS2更新1.34:MAN TGX Euro 6在这里!

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在上个月的内容加载更新之后,1.34是一个相对较小的维护更新,主要用于介绍我们车辆部门准备的新内容。下一个计划中的大项目需要更多的时间来开发,我们预计1.35会更有成效。尽管如此,我们相信这些新的补充将取悦我们的两个游戏的玩家。这个更新的有限范围也是没有开放测试版的原因。我们有什么给你的?这一更新带来了期待已久的卡车进入欧洲卡车模拟器2-人TGX欧洲6!它有3个车厢和6个底盘变型,一直到8x4,由于独特的人的设计,所有三个车厢都兼容重型底盘!在ETS2中实施新卡车的道路实际上非常崎岖。这个模型的工作开始于几年前,基于我们对高效的第2行版本的有限参考。我们的目标是释放它与所有的底盘变种,但花了一年多的时间寻找各种线索和来源,以使他们正确。我们很高兴在获得重要的缺失参考蓝图后,终于完成了这项工作。在未来,它将补充一个最新的生产模式,高效生产线3.[][]享受1.34更新,确保选择退出测试分支,您的游戏将自动更新到steam.changelogman tgx euro 6timezone areas fixed-kalingrad area,ru(超越波罗的海MAP扩展需要)许多小地图修复和世界波兰添加的美国卡车模拟器也得到了更新,你可以在这里阅读: alertas任何更新,由于更改,许多mod可能需要一些工作来赶上!


ETS2 update 1.34: MAN TGX Euro 6 is here!

After the content-loaded updates from previous months, 1.34 is a relatively small maintenance update serving primarily to introduce new content prepared by our vehicle department. The next big things planned need more time in development, and we anticipate 1.35 to be a lot juicier. Still, we believe these new additions will please players of both of our games. The limited scope of this update is also the reason why there wasn't an Open Beta. So what do we have for you?This update brings a very long awaited truck into Euro Truck Simulator 2 - The Man TGX Euro 6! It comes with 3 cabin and 6 chassis variants, all the way up to the 8x4 and thanks to the unique MAN design, all three cabins are compatible with the heavy-duty chassis! road to implementing the new truck into ETS2 was actually very bumpy. Work on this model started several years ago based on limited references we had for the Efficient Line 2 edition. We aimed to release it with all chassis variants but spent over a year chasing various leads and sources to get them right. We are excited to have finally completed it now after obtaining important missing reference blueprints. In the future, it will be complemented by an up to date current production model, The Efficient Line 3.[][]To enjoy the 1.34 update, make sure to OPT OUT of beta branches and your game will be automatically updated on Steam.ChangelogMAN TGX Euro 6Timezone areas fixed - Kaliningrad area, RU (Beyond the Baltic Sea map expansion required)Many little map fixes and world polish addedAmerican Truck Simulator got an update too, you can read about it here: alertAs with any update, due to the changes, a number of mods may need some work to catch up!



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