新的一年已经开始了,是时候计划我们旅行日历的新季节了。我们希望在世界旅游、游戏和交通行业博览会和活动中更加积极。自从我们定制了SCS SIM预告片以来,我们可以在各种节目中提供的影响因素已经大幅增长!在旅途中,我们可以结识来自我们社区的许多人,并与广泛的行业代表进行交叉交流,这会带来新的令人兴奋的机会。无论我们访问哪里,我们都会得到积极的回应。特别是如果我们带上SIM拖车,我们总是有很多游客有兴趣在我们的运动座椅上尝试我们的游戏,或者想和我们的公路上的工作人员见面。我们很高兴见到你!这就是为什么我们认为提前通知我们的粉丝群并与您分享我们的暂定活动日历是一个好主意。2019年,我们有相当多的“参观”活动列表。请记住,其中一些活动仍在计划中,可能是我们的日程安排发生了变化。我们不能用SIM卡拖车把它带到每一个地方,那里有太多的地方要去,日历上的东西太紧了。我们希望与来自运输行业的朋友合作组织一些节目,但无论如何,SCS的核心团队应该参加下面列出的所有活动。关注我们的博客[]和社交媒体配置文件(twitter、instagram[]和fb[]),我们将为您提供最新信息。查看下面的当前日程安排,我们可能会前往您附近的活动![]去年,我们还寻求了一些当地球迷的帮助,他们愿意在一些活动上帮助我们。我们认为这是一个很好的方式来联系我们的一些最忠实的球迷,并为他们提供一个非常独特的(也是付费的)体验。如果你想成为我们的工作人员一个周末,请告诉我们。成功的候选人是18岁以上,母语是某一特定活动地区的人,具有良好的社交技能,他们应该是我们游戏的知识型玩家和粉丝团体的积极成员,理想情况下,他们有参与我们beta的历史,或者可能是来自modding社区的公认创建者。如果您有两天的自由时间,有能力和激情成为一名“路易者”,并融入我们的团队,请通过以下邮箱联系我们。


SCS On The Road 2019

A new year has started and it's time to plan a new season of our travel calendar. We would like to be even more active in traveling the world and visiting gaming and transportation industry expos and events. Ever since we built our custom SCS Sim Trailer, the impact factor that we can deliver on the various shows has grown massively! Being on the road allows us to meet many of you from our community and cross paths with a wide range of industry representatives which can lead to new and exciting opportunities.Everywhere we visit, we are always met with positive responses. Especially if we bring along our Sim Trailer, we always have a lot of visitors interested in trying our games on our motions seats or wanting to meet up with our On The Road crew. And we love meeting you! That's why we thought it would be a good idea to inform our fan base in advance and to share with you our tentative events calendar.And for 2019 we have a quite the list of 'to-visit' events. Keep in mind that some of these events are still being planned, and it may be that changes are made to our schedule. We cannot make it everywhere with the Sim Trailer, there are just too many places to go, packed too tightly in the calendar. We expect to organize some of the shows in partnerships with our friends from the transportation industry, but anyway, a core team from SCS should participate in all the events listed below. Keep an eye on our blog[] and social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram[] and FB[]) and we'll keep you updated.Check out our current schedule below, we might be travelling to an event near you![]Last year we also enlisted the help of some of our local fans willing to help us on some of these events. We think it's a great way to connect with a few of our most loyal fans and offer them a very unique (and also paid) experience.If you would like to become a part of our crew for a weekend, please let us know. Successful candidates are 18+, native speakers of the region of a given event, have great social skills, they should be knowledgeable players of our games and active members of the fan community, ideally with a history of involvement with our betas, or perhaps recognised creators from the modding community.If you are free for two days of your time, have the skill and the passion to become a "roadie" and become embedded into our crew, please get in touch with us by mail on



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