在波罗的海之外,我们正在研究的新的欧洲卡车模拟器DLC将是最大和最复杂的扩展区域之一。我们计划覆盖的面积很大,涉及5个不同国家的一部分。这对我们来说是一个额外的挑战,所有的地区差异,如路标,或当地工业。[。]国家边境也需要特别关注。欧盟和俄罗斯的边境口岸在我们的游戏中是一个新的现象,因为欧盟内的政权比欧盟更严格。海关检查在边境线两侧进行,他们可能需要很长的时间来排队,这可能与我们对流体游戏的渴望产生冲突。在我们努力实现世界上最大的现实主义的同时,我们正在建造新的预制件来代表独特的建筑。这些过境枢纽。这不仅仅是十字路口本身的建筑,我们还想提高一些保真度,还有一些苏联时代的功能设施,这些设施可以在边境附近的道路上找到。(1。BP.BugSPOT。com)让我们给你展示一个小屏幕截图。包括我们的团队正在为波罗的海以外的各种边境口岸建造的预制件的例子…[ 2。BP。 ] [ 1。BP ] [ 2。BP。 ] [3。BP。 ] [1。BP。 ] [4。BP。 ] [2。BP。 ]有关波罗的海扩张的文章:超越波罗的海[博客.SCS软 ]。


ETS2 Baltic: Border Crossing Prefabs

Beyond the Baltic Sea, the new DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 that we are working on now, will be one of the largest and most complex expansion regions. The area we plan to cover is vast, and it involves parts of five different countries. This is an additional challenge for us with all the various regional differences, like road signs, or the local industries.[]Particular focus is also required for country borders. The border crossings between the EU and Russia are a new phenomenon in our games, as there is much stricter regime there than within EU. Customs checks are taking place on both sides of the border line and they may take a long time to spend in a queue, which may turn out to be clashing with our desire for fluid gameplay.In our effort for maximum realism in the world, we are building new prefabs to represent the unique architecture of these border crossing hubs. It's not just the buildings of crossings themselves, we also want to improve the fidelity with some still-functional as well as no-more-functional installations from the Soviet era which can be found along the roads near the borders.[]Let us show you a little gallery of screenshots including examples of the prefabs that our team is building for the various border crossings for Beyond the Baltic Sea... [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []Articles related to Beyond the Baltic Sea Expansion:Beyond the Baltic Sea[]



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